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Goomba Version 1.0 Game Boy Color Dual Mode Compatibility Chart

All games tested on VisualBoy Advance. I've only done preliminary testing to see which GBC games are GBC/GB Mono compatible, I'll finish up testing on real hardware over the next few days. All games tested with the default settings.

456 out of 1253 Game Boy Color games tested were found to be "GBC/GB Mono Dual mode" compatible.

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Game Boy Color Dual Mode ROM Name Game
Babe and Friends (U) [C][!]YESYES
Backgammon (E) (M4) [C][!]YESYES
Backgammon (J) [C][!]YESYES
Bakuhashi Senki Metal Walker - Kkoute no Yuujyou (Chinese) (Unl) [C]YESYES
Bakuhashi Senki Metal Walker - Kkoute no Yuujyou (J) [C][!]YESYES
Ballistic (U) [C][!]YESYES
Balloon Fight GB (J) [C][!]YESYES
Barbie - Chasse Au Tresor Sous-Marine (F) [C][!]YESYES
Barbie - Fashion Pack Games (U) [C][!]YESYES
Barbie - Meeresabenteuer (G) [C][!]YESYES
Barbie - Ocean Discovery (E) [C][!]YESYES
Barbie - Ocean Discovery (U) [C][!]YESYES
Bardigun (J) [C][!]YESYES
Bass Masters Classic (U) [C][!]YESYES
Battleship (U) [C][!]YESYES
B-Daman Bakugaiden - Victory eno Michi (J) [C][!]YESYES
Beast Wars (J) [C][!]YESYES
Beat Breaker (J) [C][!]YESYES
Beat Mania GB (J) [C][!]YESYES
Beat Mania GB 2 (J) [C][!]YESYES
Beauty and the Beast (E) (M5) [C][!]YESYES
Beauty and the Beast (U) [C][!]YESYES
Bikkuriman 2000 Charging Card GB (J) [C][!]YESYES
Bistro Recipe - Best Garum Version (J) [C][!]YESYES
Bistro Recipe - Food Battle Version (J) [C][!]YESYES
Black Bass - Lure Fishing (U) [C][!]YESYES
Blaster Master Enemy Below (U) [C][!]YESYES
Bokujo Monogatari GB 2 (J) (Chinese) [C][!]YESYES
Bokujo Monogatari GB 2 (J) [C][!]YESYES
Bomberman Quest (E) (M3) [C][!]YESYES
Bomberman Quest (U) [C][!]YESYES
Bomberman Quest (U) [C][BF]YESYES
Bubble Bobble (E) [C][!]YESYES
Bubble Bobble (J) [C][!]YESYES
Bubble Bobble (U) (Metro 3D) [C][!]YESYES
Bugs Bunny - Crazy Castle 3 (J) [C][!]YESYES
Bugs Bunny - Crazy Castle 3 (U) [C][!]YESYES
Bugs Bunny - Operation Carrots (E) (M3) [C][!]YESYES
Bugs Bunny - Operation Carrots (E) (M6) [C][!]YESYES
Bug's Life, A (E) [C][!]YESYES
Bug's Life, A (U) [C][!]YESYES
Bullet Battlers (J) [C][!]YESYES
Bullet Battlers (J) [C][a1]YESYES
Burger Pocket (J) [C][!]YESYES
Bust-a-Move 4 (UE) [C][!]YESYES