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Goomba Version 1.0 Game Boy Color Dual Mode Compatibility Chart

All games tested on VisualBoy Advance. I've only done preliminary testing to see which GBC games are GBC/GB Mono compatible, I'll finish up testing on real hardware over the next few days. All games tested with the default settings.

456 out of 1253 Game Boy Color games tested were found to be "GBC/GB Mono Dual mode" compatible.

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Game Boy Color Dual Mode ROM Name Game
Madden NFL 2000 (U) [C][!]YESYES
Mahjong King (J) [C][!]YESYES
Mahjong Kobo (J) [C][!]YESYES
Mahjong Quest (J) [C][!]YESYES
Mary-Kate & Ashley - Get a Clue (U) [C][!]YESYES
Mary-Kate & Ashley - Pocket Planner (U) [C][!]YESYES
Maya the Bee and Her Friends (E) (M3) [C][!]YESYES
Medarot 2 - Kabuto (J) [C][!]YESYES
Medarot 2 - Kuwagata (J) [C][!]YESYES
Medarot 2 - Parts Collection (J) [C][!]YESYES
Medarot Cardrobottle - Kabuto Version (J) [C][!]YESYES
Medarot Cardrobottle - Kuwagata Version (J) [C][!]YESYES
Mega Man Xtreme (U) [C][!]YESYES
Men In Black - The Series (U) [C][!]YESYES
Metal Walker (U) [C][!]YESYES
Minna no Shogi (J) [C][!]YESYES
Monkey Puncher (E) [C][!]YESYES
Monkey Puncher (J) [C][!]YESYES
Monopoly (J) [C][!]YESYES
Monopoly (U) [C][!]YESYES
Monster Farm Battle Card (J) [C][!]YESYES
Monster Race 2 (J) [C][!]YESYES
Monster Rancher Battle Card GB (U) [C][!]YESYES
Montezuma's Return (E) (M5) [C][!]YESYES
Montezuma's Return (U) (M2) [C][!]YESYES
Moon Patrol & Spy Hunter (U) [C][!]YESYES
Mortal Kombat 4 (E) (no blood) [C][!]YESYES
Mortal Kombat 4 (U) [C][!]YESYES
Ms. Pac-Man & Pac-Man SCE (E) (Acclaim) [C][!]YESYES
Ms. Pac-Man & Pac-Man SCE (U) (Namco) [C][!]YESYES
Muscle Ranking GB (J) [C][!]YESYES
Muscle Ranking GB 2 (J) [C][!]YESYES