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Goomba Version 1.0 Game Boy Color Dual Mode Compatibility Chart

All games tested on VisualBoy Advance. I've only done preliminary testing to see which GBC games are GBC/GB Mono compatible, I'll finish up testing on real hardware over the next few days. All games tested with the default settings.

456 out of 1253 Game Boy Color games tested were found to be "GBC/GB Mono Dual mode" compatible.

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Game Boy Color Dual Mode ROM Name Game
Sangokushi 2 (J) [C][!]YESYES
Sangokushi 2 (J) [C][p1][!]YESYES
Sanrio Timenet Future (J) [C][!]YESYES
Sanrio Timenet Past (J) [C][!]YESYES
SD Hiryu Ex (J) [C][!]YESYES
SD Hiryu Ex (J) [C][BF]YESYES
Sei Hai (J) [C][!]YESYES
Seme COM Dungeon - Druaga (J) [C][!]YESYES
Senkai Imonroku Junteitaisen (J) [C][!]YESYES
Shadowgate Classic (V1.0) (E) (M5) [C][!]YESYES
Shadowgate Classic (V1.1) (E) (M5) [C][!]YESYES
Shadowgate Return (J) [C][!]YESYES
Shamus (U) [C][!]YESYES
Shanghai Pocket (J) [C][!]YESYES
Shanghai Pocket (V1.0) (U) [C][!]YESYES
Shanghai Pocket (V1.1) (U) [C][!]YESYES
Shogi Oh (J) [C][!]YESYES
Shougi 2 (J) [C][!]YESYES
Sirubaniamorinonakama (J) [C][!]YESYES
Sonic 7 (Unl) [C]YESYES
Soul Getter (J) [C][!]YESYES
Space Invaders (U) [C][!]YESYES
Space Invaders X (J) [C][!]YESYES
Space Station Silicon Valley (E) (M7) [C][!]YESYES
Speedy Gonzales - Aztec Adventure (U) [C][!]YESYES
Star Ocean - Bluesphere (J) [C][!]YESYES
Stranded Kids (E) (M3) [C][!]YESYES
Super B-Daman (J) [C][!]YESYES
Super Black Bass Pocket 3 (J) [C][!]YESYES
Super Bombliss DX (U) [C][!]YESYES
Super Breakout! (E) (M6) [C][!]YESYES
Super Breakout! (U) [C][!]YESYES
Super Robot Wars Link Battler (J) [C][!]YESYES
Survival Kids (J) [C][!]YESYES
Survival Kids (U) [C][!]YESYES
Survival Kids 2 (J) [C][!]YESYES
Sweet Ange (J) [C][!]YESYES
Sylvania Family (J) [C][!]YESYES
Sylvester and Tweety (E) (M3) [C][!]YESYES
Sylvester and Tweety (E) (M6) [C][!]YESYES